Fleet owners/ operators need data and information from their trucks and drivers to monitor and manage their transports to be able to improve operational efficiency and at the same time carry out the transportation work in a safe and environmental friendly way without breaking laws and regulations.

A large number of fleets operate mixed truck brands and data from the various brands are collected to give the fleet owners/ operators a picture of their operations. The European Vehicle industry organisation ACEA has agreed on a FMS standard for a selected range of data to make it possible to compare vehicle and driver performance between truck brands.

However, data aggregated into key measures can differ between the truck brands in definitions as well as in how the data is generated. It can even be differences within a brand between different models.

This causes confusion amongst fleet owners/ operators and the usage of Fleet Management Solutions is not optimal and advantages through reduced fuel consumption and safety suffers. Many companies hesitate to invest in these solutions as they are not sure of how to create the value. 

DOIT(S) address this situation and established in 2013 a working group that consist of the key European Truck Manufacturers as well as After Market Fleet Management Solution Providers. The mission is to together identify the key measures to focus on and agree on definitions of these measures and how they are aggregated. By doing this it is possible to in a better way support the fleet owners/ operators in their ambitions to reach their financial goals as well as reduce the impact on the environment.

DOIT(S) working group has so far focused on tools that support  ECO-driving behaviour and initially brand neutral measures for idling, acceleration, retardation and speed have been harmonized. 

When truck manufacturers and After Market Fleet Management Solutions providers meet their customers they can all refer to and offer the DOIT(S) harmonized measures if the fleet owners/ operators want a brand neutral measure.

DOIT(S) working group act in close cooperation with the ACEA FMS standardisation group and have the role as the voice of the fleet owners/ operators to express their needs.

The ambition is to define harmonized measures so the rFMS interface can be used to generate the necessary data.

DOIT(S) – Data Openness In Transport Solutions