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See agenda speakers and sponsors here
See agenda speakers and sponsors here
See agenda speakers and sponsors here
  • ons 02 dec.
    This is still just a placeholder. Due to the current health situation we might need to reschedule. Let's gather around the theme SUSTAINABILLITY, show tech and discuss newconcepts. All in a social setting.
  • ons 30 sep.
    Lindholmen Conference Centre Room Pascal
    A Telematics Valley Lunch seminar and General Assembly 2020. New members Autoliv, Annevo, Futurice and NIRA Dynamics presenting their perspectives.
  • tors 20 feb.
    Join us for our upcoming seminar with two presentations on cutting edge technology combined with a lunch at Semcon. Edge AI application for gesture control and Servitisation - prepare your business for tomorrow!
  • tis 10 dec.
    Ericsson Studio
    ADAS/ C-V2X - how the automotive ecosystem cooperates to unleash the full business potential
  • tis 01 okt.
    Volvohallen - Volvo Cars
    Telematics Valley International Conference 2019 - AI in Automotive - REALITY CHECK Artificial intelligence (AI) describes machines that mimic human cognitive functions. Together we will explore how AI is impacting automotive today and how our industry through collaboration can take it further.
  • tis 04 juni
    Join us for the Telematics Valley General Assembly & Networking Cocktail. Anyone working for a member company is welcome to register. Only one representative per member can vote at the assembly. As always we offer a relaxed atmosphere and great networking opportunities.
  • ons 24 apr.
    NAVET Conference, Room Tesla
    With an increasing number of services that requires “online” connections and vehicles scattered over the globe, connectivity is a real challenge. Join us for a seminar where Telia, Volvo Cars and G+D share their perspectives on Global Connectivity.
  • tis 05 mars
    NAVET Conference, Room Pascal
    Join us for a lunch seminar where Robert Widell from Teradata presents his thoughts on advanced analytics • Trends within Automotive Industry • How Advanced Analytics can make a difference creating business value within Automotive Industry • Challenges and Solutions • Real time references
  • tors 24 jan.
    Business Region Göteborg
    Join us for a Workshop where we set the future agenda for Telematics Valley. After the workshop we move on to a social setting for an After Work. You are welcome to join if you work for any of our member companies/organisations.
  • ons 12 dec.
    Pascal Lindholmen konferens NAVET
    Development shows that usage of cars is moving from ownership to need. Welcome to a lunch seminar where EVRY and FINDWISE start the journey in the driver seat and continue analyzing what is happening outside the car.
  • tors 15 nov.
    SAS Institute, Stora Frösunda
    Join us when Scania, Telia Company, Erich Hugo and RISE Viktoria all reflect and discuss AI & Analytics. How does Scania use analytics in their digital forecast management? The natural evolution of services: How IoT leads to AI? What is needed for a large organization to embrace analytics?
  • mån 01 okt.
    Visual Arena
    Lunch Seminar The seminar will be hosted by Qlik with speakers from KUKA, one of the world’s leading specialists in automation.
  • ons 05 sep.
    Volvohallen - Volvo Cars
    Telematics Valley International Conference 2018 - Disruptive Mobility Together we will explore what can and is likely to happen in the world of automotive, transportation and cities as disruption continues.
  • tors 22 feb.
    Visual Arena
    Lunch Seminar The seminar will be hosted by Qlik with speakers from KUKA, one of the world’s leading specialists in automation.
  • tors 02 nov.
    Ericsson AB
    Welcome to a Telematics Valley lunch seminar about the development of cellular technology. Speakers: Henrik Sahlin, Master Researcher, Ericsson•Roland Gustafsson, System Manager, Ericsson Anders Fagerholt, Principal Consultant, Ericsson
  • tors 26 okt.
    SAS Institute, Stora Frösunda
    We welcome you to an extended Telematics Valley Lunch Seminar hosted by SAS Institute in Stockholm. Come and listen to Josefin Rosén, Karl Berthén and Christopher Broxe’s. Click "Register Now" to read more...
  • tis 05 sep.
    Volvohallen - Volvo Cars
    A Connected and Autonomous Brand New World - What is going on in the automotive industry and smart cities?
  • tis 05 sep.
    A Connected and Autonomous Brand New World

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