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Telematics Valley Annual Conference 2019
Telematics Valley International Conference 2019
Telematics Valley International Conference 2019
01 okt. 2019 11:00
Volvohallen - Volvo Cars
Telematics Valley International Conference 2019 - AI in Automotive - REALITY CHECK Artificial intelligence (AI) describes machines that mimic human cognitive functions. Together we will explore how AI is impacting automotive today and how our industry through collaboration can take it further.

Telematics Valley takes the next steps in looking into how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has and will impact our industry. Our speakers will discuss the status and effects of AI implemented today, how to deal with ethics around this and most importantly - how we all can collaborate to make AI deliver more value to our organizations. And there will, as usual, be a lot of time for networking.

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Linda Ekener Mägi - project manager 

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