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Oct 1st

9.00 - 9.45

Blå tåget (preregistered only)
Volvo Cars factory tour. Gather at the Volvo Car Visitor Center 10  minutes before departure.

9:30 - 11.30
Pre conference workshops open to preregistered delegates - limited number of seats

Workshop 1: Fundamental understanding of a neural network - exploring the smallest building block 


In this workshop we will explore the smallest building block of a neural network, the neuron. Using examples and the theory behind the neuron we will give you understanding of how and why it works by together build simple neural networks to solve real world problems with increasing difficulty. By gaining this fundamental understanding of neural networks you will also get to know the challenges an engineer faces when applying them to problems.

The workshop will consist of lectures, examples and discussions in smaller groups and delivered by SEMCON.

Workshop 2: The data findability challenge for digital transformation


This workshop aims at exploring the challenges with finding and accessing the right data to support machine learning modelers, data scientists and analysts they need to perform their tasks. We look at how create a sustainable data and information strategy for use cases as AI, machine learning and analytics.


The workshop will consist of an initial presentation on how faster and easier access to the relevant data sets be can provided to accelerate your organisation’s data driven transformation projects. This is followed by case studies, before we break up in to smaller groups for discussions. The workshop is delivered by FINDWISE.


10:15 - 11.00

Blå tåget (preregistered only)

Volvo Cars factory tour. Gather at the Volvo Car Visitor Center 10  minutes before departure.


Networking lunch



Welcome and conference introduction


Session: Where are we with Automation - a reality check

- what are the relevant trends?

- what is the status and effects of AI implemented today in the automotive industry?

- what are the key knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to bring us closer to fully autonomous vehicles?

30 minute networking break in the session





Dinner (preregistration required)

Oct 2nd


Networking coffee in the exhibition area


Recap Day 1


Session: Managing AI threats on business and society

- how to deal with ethics around AI?

- how do we make sure the data is of the right quality?

- how do we make sure the data is unbiased?


Networking Lunch 


Session: How to collaborate and exploit AI

- how can we collaborate to make AI deliver more value to our organizations?

- how does the Ecosystem of AI in the region look?

- what characterizes successful collaborations? 

- what type of collaborations does an OEM want/need?


End of conference

Detailed agenda for download

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